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Graphic Design, Advertising & Branding


June - August 2021

Design Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


About the Company

One Four Seven (previously #One47) is a transformative digital marketing company that helps brands evolve by creating audience focused experiences. They channelize content through data-driven insights and offer technologically-led creative solutions backed up with a viable business strategy.


Collaborating with various teams, I designed creatives for various key clients: Zomato, SpiceJet, Country Delight etc. Did research and activations for community driven ad campaigns. Created animations and game concepts to accelerate website interactivity. While working on branding extensions, icons and mock-ups for client proposals.


For better and personal User Experience, brands are putting an end to 'Hindi-for-all-of-India'. This can be seen in Zomato's birthday month advertisement campaign that gave new heights to hyper-localization.
These print advertisements ran in over 25 cities, all customized to the area's local language. We designed each file uniquely and according to the guidelines given by The Times of India and Hindustan Times. There were multiple levels of localization - the headline being the most visible one. The 2nd level localization is the names and variety of restaurants mentioned - there are 8 on the front page and 16 on the back That's 24 restaurant names and logos, sorted by city, that needed to be customized. The 3rd level localization is a mini copy mentioned on the back page.



SpiceJet is the official travel partner for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They supported all athletes and organized a 'Cheer for India' campaign. It comprised of standees, social media posts, stories, videos and many more. As soon as Neeraj Chopra won India's first gold, SpiceJet celebrated! It is the most engaged post till date, which I had the honor of designing.


SpiceJet also became the first Airlines to introduce Mid-Air cab bookings. With 10% low fares, zero cancellation fee and 100% confirmed cabs - it volunteered a campaign. It comprised of social media posts, stories, website banners and ticket advertising. I was engaged with making various activations for the same.

Spicejet Placard 1080x1350 3-01.jpg
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For individuals looking to manage their business efficiently, Lio is a powerful mobile application that provides universal business solutions.


We had to come up with 3 brand identities to choose from that will help position the growing business at a global scale, at par with its competitors like Google Sheets. Throughout this project I helped design a visual identity through icons, patterns, advertisement collaterals, favicon and mockups that were compiled into a pitch deck for the client.

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Other than the mentioned, I worked on Simba ad campaign, Country Delight creatives and social media posts, made 18 GIF animations, interactive elements and game concepts for #One47 website, photo edits and ideations for re-branding projects.

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