About the Company

Born in 2014, Flame Game is a forward-looking company focused on providing leisure activities for the fast paced working millennial. As a pioneer in homemade & organic scented candles, Flame Game quickly became famous in Bengaluru for souvenir gifting, weekend getaways and igniting relationship dramas.


To create an appropriate brand identity showcasing the premium handcrafted scented candles that helps position the growing business at a national level. Defining a visual identity that speaks for - an experience that is a pleasure to the senses, a relaxation for the mind and a bonding for the heart.

Brand Board


Branding, Graphic Design

& Marketing 


2 Weeks

Design Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Figma

Flame Game - Brand Identity (1).png


Flame Game - Mock-ups (1).png

Key Takeaways

  • This project gave me a very unique leading experience, being able to explore a niche and gain a lot of confidence as a designer, as it was my first opportunity creating an end-to-end branding project.

  • Working as a designer duo on this project gave us autonomy to make our own iterations, prototyping, and design feature presentation.